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Who's Who


Brassington Primary School

‘Bringing out the best in everyone’


Executive Headteacher

Mr Peter Johnston


Head of School 

Mrs Laura Duncker-Brown


KS2 Teachers

Mrs N Morris (Mon -Thurs)

Mrs R Hale (Fri)

Mrs L Edge (Y3) (Mon-Fri mornings)


KS1 Teachers

Mrs L Duncker-Brown/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead & Head of School

Mrs Z Carrier 


French Teacher

Mrs S Harvey (Fri pm)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Hamling KS1

Mrs C Brown KS1

Mrs L Calladine KS1

Mrs R Hale KS2



Mr H Ellaby-Catchpole


School Business Officer

Mrs L Wilson (Mon-Thurs)


Lunch time Supervisors

Mrs E Derbyshire, Mrs L Calladine, Mrs C Brown

Mrs R Hale, Mr H Ellaby-Catchpole


School Cook

Mrs Z Johnson


School Caretaker

Miss S Fitzsimmons


Violin Teacher - R. Whawell

Woodwind - Mr N Stacey

Piano & Guitar - A. Ibbotson



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