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Traction Man work Y3

Callum's photo montage

Extra Maths Game:

Marlon's Magical Maths Mission - includes games on times tables, doubles, cube numbers and more. This is a free game but might need a computer rather than an ipad to work.

No timing included!



Our amazing work for the Blue Peter Challenge!

Perfect Poetry by Iris

Perfect Poetry by Finley

A big well done to Reuben for getting through to the second round of the BBC 500 words competition with his story 'To the Future and Back.'  There were 135,000 entries this year and he got through to the last 5000. Sadly, he didn't make it through to the final 50 but none the less this is a fantastic achievement - we're really proud of you! We're proud of all the class for their brilliant stories! Well done!   

Multiplication Flowers for those who might like a creative way of learning their timetables

Mapping out a survival adventure story in Pie Corbett style. We'd love to hear your story!

Super Science in the sunshine!

Creating a new pond!

Lots of maths ideas and website links on this grid

Year 4 Statutory Multiplication Checks