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Parent Hub Parent Invitation Letter

Parent Hub Parent Set-up Instructions

Parent Hub is a communications platform designed for use by teachers and parents. It makes it possible for teachers to share with parents regular updates about the learning that’s happening in their classroom.


Parents download the Parent Hub app from their app store. The Parent Hub app is available for both iPhone and Android:

Parent Hub for iPhone 

Parent Hub for Android


How to add school channels

Most of the time, you'll automatically be added to all the channels that relate to your child. So, if you have a child in year 3, you'll already be following the school channel plus the year 3 channel.

But if your school has created a new channel and then asked you to join it - perhaps for a school trip or after-school club - here's how:

  1. Tap Schools

    This handy little button is where you'll find everything that relates to the school, from contact details to your child's attendance - including a list of the channels available.


  2. If you follow more than one school, tap the school logo or the arrow ->

  3. In the Channels section, tap the Manage button to see a list like this one below:

Simply select the new channel you'd like to join, and tap 'Save Changes'.

New posts in that channel will be delivered to your Hub feed, and if you'd like to view historical posts, just tap the Parent Hub menu (P) top-left > My Channels, then tap the channel name you want to view