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Late/Absence Procedures

The school gates will be opened at 8.45am and children will go straight into their classrooms.


Morning registration takes place between 8:50 and 9:00am.

Arrival after this time is marked late - L. Arrival after 9.00am is marked as U and counts as an unauthorised absence.


If your child is unwell and will not be attending school, please notify the school office no later than 9.15am.


Leave of Absence

Please note that leave of absence can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. The Executive Headteacher will judge the request based on two factors:

  • Could this leave reasonably be taken at another time?
  • Will the leave unduly affect the child's education and progress?


Reasons such as:

  • Availability of cheap holidays and cheap travel arrangements
  • Days overlapping the beginning or end of term.

are specifically excluded.


We strongly recommend that you meet with the Executive Headteacher to discuss your request before any bookings/travel arrangements are made as guidance can be given as to whether the school will be able to authorise the absence and any consequences where the school will not be able to authorise.





Request for Leave of Absence from School Form