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Bon Voyage to our dear friends Lucas and Emilia - have a safe flight home. We will miss you!

Oliver's non-chronological report

Our work for the NATRE competition 2020

Oliver's Alternative Story Ending

Planning for week 10: 29th June 2020 including some optional extras in Pic'n'Mix

Extra Maths Game:

Marlon's Magical Maths Mission - includes games on times tables, doubles, cube numbers and more. This is a free game but might need a computer rather than an ipad to work.

No timing included!

Response to poetry

Response to poetry

How to make my shelter

Work from Tuesday and Wednesday - Reports Y6

What would you take to your shelter? Work from Monday

What I would take to a shelter...

What's Cooking?

To read or not to read...that is (not) the question!

S.T.E.M. Activities to complete at home

Spelling rules you need to know

Year 5 and 6 spellings: Do you know all of these? Can you use them in your writing?

The Adventures of Wilfred the Rabbit

Video one

Still image for this video

Week 2 of Wilfred's adventures

Still image for this video
What inspiration Captain Tom provided! Can you see what new achievements Wilfred has now mastered?

Wilfred Week 3

Still image for this video
Wilfred is very proud to have the Prime Minister's son named after him - here you can see him celebrating.


Still image for this video
Journeying to the Centre of the Earth 🌏.

Your presentations were amazing - this Word document gives more detailed feedback to all children.

Year 3 and 4 spellings - Do you know all of these?