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Ideas and fun for your Easter holidays!

Feedback: Wednesday April 1st

Fergus: I really loved your poster about April Fool’s Day – had to make sure I read it all to work out why you had a picture of a fish on there. Will you be ‘injecting fun and happiness’ into anyone’s day with a prank?

I also loved your work on Mexico: I liked the way you did your introductions first – very informative.

Daphne: What an amazing diary! It was so gripping and dramatic yet I could also hear echoes of our class book in it. It was really beautifully written – well done!

Martha: I loved your work on angles. You are obviously an expert at using the protractor and the kite is especially impressive. How are you getting on with pie charts and…what did you make for supper?

Lucas: Great maths Lucas – really well thought through.

Emilia: Glad to hear you are keeping up the hard work.

Maddy: Hope you received the books this week – just do a little bit each day.

Lucas: We all hope you are fully recovered – we were very worried about you.


Your presentations were amazing - this Word document gives more detailed feedback to all children.

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Year 3 and 4 spellings - Do you know all of these?

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