Miss Sara Griffiths 


Dragon Class (Reception/KS1) 

Teachers Mrs Carrier (Monday and Tuesday), Mrs Duncker Brown (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Frith (Monday-Wednesday)/Mrs Hale (Thursday-Friday)


Phoenix Class (Y3/4)

Teacher: Mrs Walker (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) and Miss Griffiths (Wednesday)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Allcock (Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday)


Griffin Class (Y5/6)

Teacher: Mrs Morris (Monday-Wednesday & Thursday am) and Miss Griffiths (Thursday pm & Friday)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Barbour (Monday-Wednesday am)


SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs Brown works with children individually and in groups across all years.


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Allcock/ Mrs Derbyshire/ Mrs Frith/ Mrs Hale


School cook

Mrs Johnson


School Business Officer

Mrs Wilson (Tues-Fri)