Sports Premium

 What is the Sports Premium?

The Sports Premium is part of the Government's Olympic legacy. Each primary school has received a sum of money to improve PE and Sport, and develop or add to the PE and sport activities that school already offers. It is also to enable schools to make improvements now that will benefit children joining the school in future years. 

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The school receives £8274 of sports funding

Sports Funding will be used for:

  • all Y5 and 6 pupils to learn to sail and try for their Grade1 RYA certificate
  • increase experience for TAs trained last year by working alongside sports coaches
  • pay for transport to sporting events
  • pay an annual subscription to the rural sports partnership to access a wide range of sporting competitions and events
  • pay to upgrade a range of sports equipment to support participation in competitive sport

In  2015/16 the school achieved the Silver Sports Mark as a result of increased participation through the School Games programme.

Sports Funding was used to:

Pay for all Y5 and 6 pupils to learn to sail and try for their Grade 1 RYA certificate.

Increase school staff skills and knowledge by teaching alongside specialist sports coaches

Pay for 2 TAs to train so they can deliver PE teaching to groups in 4 different areas

Pay for transport to cluster sporting events

Pay an annual subscription to the rural sports partnership to increase participation in local sporting events


Sports funding was used to;

Pay for all Y6 pupils to learn to sail over a six week period with the majority gaining a Grade 1 RYA certificate.

Promote high quality PE lessons through the use of external sports coaches working alongside school staff

Train teachers in specific skills (e.g. Gymnastics)

Pay for transport in order to use the secondary school gymnasium (Brassington has no hall).

Pay for the cost of transport to local sporting events.

Pay for membership of the Rural Sports Partnership to increase the opportunities available for pupils in different sports