Special Educational Needs

SEND - Special Educational Needs and Disability

Children are considered to have a special educational need when they have a learning difficulty or disability that requires educational provision that is additional to or different from that usually made for others of the same age.

SENCo at the school is Mrs Moorsom who holds the SENCo national qualification. Mrs Brown is taking on the role of SEN TA to aid the delivery of appropriate interventions and support.

For all children the key to their education is quality teaching delivered by the class teacher appropriately differentiated for pupils.

Some children will benefit from additional support through small group intervention or some one to one teaching, which may be delivered by a TA or teacher. This does not necessarily mean they are considered to have SEND.

If there is a concern about a child this will be discussed with parents and further action agreed. (Parents may also raise any concerns they have with staff.)

This might include;

  • inclusion on the SEND register
  • planned targeted support appropriate to need
  • referral to an external agency (eg SALT for speech and language difficulties or the educational therapist)

Children's  provision and progress is monitored through the School tracking system which allows the effectiveness of any interventions to be assessed and next steps to be planned.

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